Back Office Software

PerfectLaw® Back Office Software is a comprehensive suite of financial management applications that include Time and Billing, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Management Reports. The Back Office Software is part of PerfectLaw's All-in-One® suite of applications that, integrated with the front office module, yields one of the fastest, most powerful systems in the market today.

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Back Office Financial Management
Accounts Payable
Maintain detailed vendor information; edit and cancel posted invoices; enter distributed check requests from any workstation on the network; quickly print, release and post single checks or groups of check; segregate recoverable client costs... Read More
Check Request
Enter distributed check requests from any workstation on the network... Read More
Conflict Checker
Relate parties to matters by pre-defined and/or custom relationships; search all contact records and/or fields in the database; route and distribute conflict reports to recipients' desktops... Read More
General Ledger
Multi-segment account numbers; historical reporting; maintain budgets by account, accounting period or year; record accounts receivable and account payable ledger postings; distribute overhead expenses among profit centers; real-time financial statements... Read More
Management Reporting System (MRS)
Analyze data from virtually any perspective; Export reports to XLS and PDF formats; Run a group of reports in one step; Easily access extensive library of standard reports; Run reports based on a variety of analysis parameters; Run and profile reports to the Document Management System (DMS) in one step; Design custom reports with built-in Report Designer... Read More
Time & Billing (AR)
Real-time stopwatch on activities in progress; task-based and electronic billing; client and matter-level billing (Standard/Enterprise); record and monitor retainer balances... Read More
Trust Accounting
Real-time stopwatch to track time on activities in progress; Electronic billing that includes several industry standard formats; Client and matter level billing... Read More
A/P Check & Invoice Imaging
Scan and store invoices; instantly display, print or email scanned invoices and signed checks; link invoices to vendors, matters and clients for quick lookup... Read More
Billing Compliance
Real-timetimeline validation, Non-compliant word filters, attorney daily workload thresholds, and budget thresholds... Read More
BizRadar Business Intelligence Reporting
Business intelligence analysis and reporting... Read More
Collections Management
Schedule collection-related events by creating rules; enter bill-related, client and billing contact notes with a time/date stamp; Easily track bill details, late fees and previous payment information; Easily attach bills and other docs to emails... Read More
Cost Recovery (Recount)
Import phone, copy, postage and fax expenses; allows users to import the text output files generated by the cost tracking packages currently used at the firm... Read More
Plaintiff Back Office Accounting (contingency billing)
For firms that do not track time; this application substitutes Time & Billing and Accounts Payable... Read More

What is PerfectLaw? Just that! A software package PERFECT for a law firm. It's a unique system for law offices, and nothing presently in the marketplace compares.

Chris, Chicago, IL